Russian Meteorite Sheds Light on Dinosaur Extinction Mystery

A long-standing debate about the source of the asteroid that impacted the Earth and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs has been put to rest thanks to the Chelyabinsk meteorite that disintegrated over Russia in February 2013, a new paper

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Quick Rosetta update: Churyumov-Gerasimenko is a contact binary!

The nucleus of the comet is clearly a contact binary — two smaller (and unequally sized object) in close contact. The CNES page where this photo was released says the whole nucleus measures 4 by 3.5 kilometers, in good agreement

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Kilometer-Wide Asteroids to Fly by Earth in August

Get ready for some huge asteroid whizzing action, because this summer we’ll be witnessing 4 large space rocks passing by Earth. In August, kilometer-wide asteroids are slated to miss our home planet, luckily at a safe distance, so the armageddon

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Rosetta’s comet ‘sweats’ two glasses of water a second

ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft has found that comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko is releasing the equivalent of two small glasses of water into space every second, even at a cold 583 million kilometres from the Sun. The first observations of water vapour streaming from

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Planetary Resources and Zooniverse Launch Asteroid Zoo, A Citizen Science Asteroid Challenge

Asteroid Zoo Engages Public in Search for Near Earth Asteroids that are Potentially Hazardous, Resource Rich or Possible Human Destinations. Planetary Resources, the asteroid mining company, and Zooniverse today launched Asteroid Zoo (, empowering students, citizen scientists and space enthusiasts

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Two giant planets may cruise unseen beyond Pluto

The monsters are multiplying. Just months after astronomers announced hints of a giant “Planet X” lurking beyond Pluto, a team in Spain says there may actually be two supersized planets hiding in the outer reaches of our solar system.  

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Asteroid Discovered by NASA to Pass Earth Safely

A newfound asteroid will safely pass Earth on June 8 from a distance of about 777,000 miles (1.25 million kilometers), more than three times farther away than our moon. Designated 2014 HQ124, the asteroid was discovered April 23, 2014, by

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Will an Asteroid Smack Jupiter in 2022?

A recent space rock discovery has sent a minor buzz through the community that tracks such objects. And as usual, it has also begun to attract the dubious attention of those less than honorable sites — we won’t dignify them

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CNN Gets it wrong

There is a news report on CNN –  that is in error in almost all respects.  Worry not!

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Rosetta comet-chaser completes ‘big burn’

Europe’s comet-chaser Rosetta has taken a big step towards making its historic rendezvous with a 4km-wide ball of ice and rock in early August. Controllers confirm the spacecraft conducted a major orbit manoeuvre on Wednesday without incident. The near-eight-hour thruster

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