Did a Chelyabinsk-like event occur on Jan. 4th, 878 A.D. in northern Italy?

Posted by Piero Sicoli of the Osservatorio Astronomico Sormano (587) – Italy

The description of a “signum in coelo” included in the Chronicon Novalicensis reminds me in some ways what happened on Feb. 15th, 2013 over Chelybinsk:

“Karolus Manuus Rex Bajoariorum  ingressus est in Italiam cum infinita populi multitudine, obtinuit Regnum. In proximo verò apparuit aliu signum in Coelo mirabile pridie Nonas januarii, cum esset Coelum totum serenum, & jam aurora crebesceret, apparuit nempe lux immensa, ut nobis visum est, quasi duodecim momenta, & cùm fuisset intervallum quasi punctum unum auditum est tonitruum magnum in Coelo, quod omnes qui audierunt, & viderunt tam immensum lumen exterriti sunt & pavefacti”.

My translation:

The King Carloman of Bavaria [830-880] came to Italy with many people and obtained the Realm of Italy [Sep/Oct. 877]. Next [year?] appeared an incredible sign in the sky, the day before “nonas januarii” [Jan. 4th, 878]; under a very clear sky in a growing dawn appeared a really enormous light, like it seemed to us, for twelve “momenta” and after a very short break we heard in the sky a very big thunder that everyone that heard it and saw such an immense light remained shocked and terrified.

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