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Safety Information for Schools (PDF Version of this page)

Safety Statement

The Spaceguard Centre fully accepts its responsibilities under Health and Safety Legislation. A Health and Safety Policy is in place relating to persons other than employees (i.e. visitors) coming onto our site and using our facilities. Please be assured that your safety and health whilst on our site is of our utmost concern.

Schools are informed of the following details that will aid the undertaking of your own school ‘educational visit’ risk assessment for the purposes of your visit.


ExperienceThe Spaceguard Centre has been open to the public since 2001.

Visitor Numbers – Annually we receive approximately 4,000 visitors and over 30 school visits.

Suitability – The Spaceguard Centre and its attractions are considered suitable for pupils aged 5 years and over.

Contact Information– We look forward to welcoming you, however, if you wish to discuss aspects of your visit or would like to arrange a pre–visit please do not hesitate to contact us.

A list of schools that have visited the Spaceguard Centre is available upon request.

The Spaceguard Centre operates an emergency contact number. (Tel: 01547 520247)

If after your visit you have any concerns, or experienced any problems regarding the management of the Spaceguard Centre or the safety and health of members of your party, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you.

Tel: 01547 520247 or email: mail@spaceguardcentre.com

General Information

Animal Fouling in Public Access areasDogs and pets are not allowed within the building. Given the rural nature of the grounds it is not possible to ensure that animal fouling is not present. Assistance dogs are welcome.

Communications systemsThe Spaceguard Centre is small enough to ensure instant communication.

EquipmentAll equipment is regularly checked to ensure it remains ‘fit for purpose’.

Emergency Evacuation – Emergency evacuation procedures are in place. All Spaceguard Centre staff are familiar with and regularly practise these.

Facilities for visitors with special needs– The Spaceguard Centre tries to accommodate the requirements of visitors with special needs. Schools and party leaders must ensure that suitable arrangements are in place in order that appropriate supervision and assistance is available to pupils with special needs.

Wheelchair access is possible throughout the site except for the main telescope dome.

We are aware that clarification of specific provisions may be needed by schools in relation to more detailed risk assessment requirements for certain special needs pupils. In such circumstances we would invite schools to contact us.

First Aid – There is a first aid point located within the Spaceguard Centre.

Guided ToursYour party will be allocated a guide, who has considerable experience.

Insurance – We have public liability insurance cover or adequate alternative provision to at least £1 million. A copy of our insurance certificate can be provided to visiting parties prior to their arrival for information.

Maximum Party SizesThe Spaceguard Centre caters for school parties up to a maximum of 40 (primary schools) and 25 (secondary and older) in number.

Medical Needs – The Spaceguard Centre should be contacted by the school or party leader if any pupil is known to have any specific or serious medical condition/need. Discussion will be needed to consider emergency arrangements. We will, where it is safe to do so, aim to fully include pupils with specific or serious medical conditions within activities offered.

Harmful/Poisonous Plants/Fungi – At certain times of the year some poisonous berries may be prevalent on trees and shrubs within the grounds. Schools should advise all children that berries should not be picked or eaten. Certain fungi are also known to grow periodically. Schools should advise all children that any fungi should not be picked or eaten.

Required Visitor Conduct (no access to areas for site staff only)  – 

Visitors must not:

  • enter areas which are not open to the public
  • behave in an unruly manner
  • touch any working machinery
  • ignore the instructions of the guide

Party leaders must not leave children unsupervised.

Site Inspection of Spaceguard Centre Facilities/AreasSpaceguard Centre staff conduct regular inspections of the facilities and a reporting mechanism is in place for any safety hazards.

Site Staff IdentificationSpaceguard Centre staff wear dark blue T-shirts/jackets which include the Spaceguard Centre logo and are happy to help with any problems or difficulties you may have experienced whilst at the Spaceguard Centre.

Vehicle TrafficA visitor vehicle park is available for use.

Welfare Facilities One public toilet is provided (with disabled facilities) within the Spaceguard Centre. It is regularly supervised/cleaned by Spaceguard Centre staff.

No cafeteria is available at the Spaceguard Centre. An internal eating area can be provided, in addition to an external eating area which can be used for pupils who bring a packed lunch.


Date:  25 September 2023

Name: Jay Tate

Position: Director

Telephone: 01547 520247

Email: mail@spaceguardcentre.com

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