Secondary Schools & Colleges

Secondary school & college tours last for about 1½ hours. Groups do the standard adult tour (suitably pitched), covering:

  • Introduction to the NEO Impact Hazard
  • Planetary formation (in the small planetarium)
  • Meteorites
  • Cratering
  • Impact effects
  • Asteroid and comet detection
  • Asteroid and comet tracking
  • Avoiding Impacts
  • Telescopes (including the main dome)

Lunch Arrangements

There are no catering facilities at the Spaceguard Centre. However, there is a room that can be made available for groups to eat a packed lunch. In good weather there are picnic tables outside.

Maximum numbers of pupils

  • Secondary Schools – 25


  • Secondary Schools – £5.50 per child.
  • 1 free teacher for every 7 students.

Gift Shop

The small gift shop is available at the end of the tour, if required.

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