Finding risky asteroids outshone by Sun

No one saw the Chelyabinsk meteor of 15 February 2013 coming. Just after sunrise on a calm and sunny winter’s day, a 20-metre asteroid struck the atmosphere over the Ural Mountains in Russia, at a speed of more than 18 km/s.

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Curious comet’s rare close approach

Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) today makes its closest approach to Earth before likely leaving our Solar System forever. At billions of years old and not seen since Neanderthals roamed, the green comet continues to intrigue as it grows an apparent third tail and unexpectedly –

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Our Solar System is filled with asteroids that are particularly hard to destroy

A vast amount of rocks and other material are hurtling around our Solar System as asteroids and comets. If one of these came towards us, could we successfully prevent the collision between an asteroid and Earth?

Well, maybe.

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Possible naked-eye comet will visit Earth for 1st time since Neanderthals in 2023

At the start of 2023 Earth will be visited by a newly discovered comet that may just be bright enough to be spotted with the naked eye. 

The comet, named C/2022 E3 (ZTF), is currently passing through the inner solar system.

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Construction Begins on NASA’s Next-Generation Asteroid Hunter

A space telescope designed to search for the hardest-to-find asteroids and comets that stray into Earth’s orbital neighborhood, NASA’s Near-Earth Object Surveyor (NEO Surveyor) recently passed a rigorous technical and programmatic review. Now the mission is transitioning into the final design-and-fabrication phase and establishing its technical,

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New minerals discovered in massive meteorite may reveal clues to asteroid formation

A team of researchers has discovered at least two new minerals that have never before been seen on Earth in a 15 tonne meteorite found in Somalia – the ninth largest meteorite ever found.

“Whenever you find a new mineral,

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‘Planet killer’ asteroid found hiding in Sun’s glare may one day hit Earth

Astronomers have discovered a giant asteroid hiding in the glare of the Sun that might one day cross paths with Earth

The 0.9-mile-wide (1.5 kilometers) asteroid is the largest potentially hazardous asteroid spotted in the past eight years and astronomers have dubbed it a “planet killer”

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NASA space probes document big impacts on Mars

By Jonathan Amos

BBC Science Correspondent

Space probes have witnessed a big impact crater being formed on Mars – the largest in the Solar System ever caught in the act of excavation.

A van-sized object dug out a 150m-wide bowl on the Red Planet,

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NASA’s Dart spacecraft ‘changed path of asteroid’

The American space agency says its recent attempt to deflect the path of an asteroid was successful.

Scientists have now confirmed the orbit of a 160m-wide (520ft) space rock known as Dimorphos was altered when the Dart probe struck it head on last month.

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New asteroid strike images show impact ‘a lot bigger than expected’

The James Webb and Hubble telescopes on Thursday revealed their first images of a spacecraft deliberately smashing into an asteroid, as astronomers indicated that the impact looks to have been much greater than expected.

The world’s telescopes turned their gaze towards the space rock Dimorphos earlier this week for a historic test of Earth’s ability to defend itself against a potential life-threatening asteroid in the future.

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